The Halloween storm has finally passed, but it sure did wreck havoc along the entire Northeast. With some snowfall totals up past the 2ft mark, we hope all were safe and for those who lost power, got it back up and running. Here were the snowfall totals in a few spots along the region:


Bristol: 17.0 inches

East Farmington Heights: 13.0 inches

Manchester: 9.0 inches

New Hampshire

Hillsboro: 21.5 inches

Peterborough: 24.0 inches

Jaffrey: 31.4 inches


Bridgton: 17.5 inches

Gray: 12.9 inches

Otisfield: 14.0 inches


Plainfield: 30.8 inches

Ashfield: 25.5 inches

Worthington: 24.0 inches

Goshen: 25.0 inches

New York

Harriman: 16.0 inches

Armonk: 12.5 inches

Yankee Lake: 16.5 inches

White Plains: 7.5 inches

Yonkers: 7.0 inches


Laurel Summit: 12.2 inches

Freeland: 13.0 inches

Mount Cobb: 12.7 inches

Hazeleton: 16.0 inches

New Jersey

West Milford: 19.0 inches

North Caldwell: 12.0 inches

Ringwood: 10.5 inches

That's some serious snow totals for these areas who don't usually see this much snow until at least December. The good thing is that whatever kinks you've had in your snowplow or spreader now, you now have them hopefully taken care of before the next storm hits.

Truck Photo Contest

We're looking to expand our photo gallery and we've had a few entries in so far, so if you have any pictures of your truck, send them in! Starting November 1st and throughout the rest of the winter, we're going to have a "Truck of the Month" contest. The winner will receive some special discounts along with some free goodies. If you have any action shots, or just a cool photo of your truck & plow, send it in with your name and where you're from and if you're picked, we'll post you up on the website as the winner for that month.

As the season is about to begin, (or begun in some spots!) things are really heating up at We are still shipping most orders same day and we have most of our items stocked and ready to go. As we get deeper into the season, this may not always be the case. Be sure to check our emergency parts section, and make sure you have everything you need in case of that 2:00AM breakdown!

Take care everyone! Happy Plowing!


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